Settling your child into nursery is a difficult time for any parent and Mel Braden one of our experienced Area Managers talks from experience!

Mel has been through the settling in process with her own 2 young daughters at one of our Treetops nurseries, and has learnt some valuable lessons along the way.

Here are Mel’s top tips…

1) Talk with your child about going to nursery

Even the youngest children are incredibly intuitive and can pick up on adult anxieties. So if you’ve been feeling a little worried about starting nursery your little one will sense this. So in the run-up to the big day it’s important to try and keep positive to avoid transferring stress onto your child.

When you’re feeling anxious, try to remind yourself that your child will gain hugely from being a little more independent. They will be getting used to new environments, making new relationships and learning important social skills all in readiness for the transition into “big school”.

Be open about what will be happening and the new change to their routine. Children like the security of routine so it’s important to prepare them by chatting about their new nursery and their person who is going to be your child’s Keyperson. Explain what nursery is all about, there will be lots of new friends to meet, lovely new toys to play with, great meals and a new learning experience every day!

2) Take advantage of the free settling in sessions offered

All of our Treetops nurseries allocate a Keyperson to each child (this is a requirement of the Early Years Foundation Stage), it is really helpful for your child to build up some familiarity with that person before you start.
Treetops provide the initial visit for children and parents to attend together – do try and do this as it’s a useful way for you to get a proper feel for what a normal day is like, the routines that are followed and the activities that we offer.

Take this opportunity to share all the quirky details that makes your child unique with their Keyperson; their interests, likes and dislikes, special words, preferred foods, favourite activities and routines they follow. At Treetops we ask that you complete an “All About Me” booklet so that we can use this to help us get to know your children in the early stages.

3) Take the advice from the professionals!

Your child’s Keyperson will understand the emotional turmoil you may be experiencing. They have lots of experience looking after children that find the transition difficult and will know how to approach the challenge of separation anxiety. Trust your Keyperson and your judgement – you chose this nursery! Treetops employ experienced and caring quality staff, well versed in the art of distraction when parents are about to leave the room!

Always feel free to ask questions, if something bothers you big or small it’s always best to ask why things are done that way, it will probably make perfect sense once you know the answer! Communication is key to a successful transition into nursery, and soon it will feel like an extension of your home and family.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact your nursery direct, or our experienced Parent Liaison Advisors are more than happy to help, you can speak to them direct on 01332 366737 or drop them an email at