Nutrition at Treetops Nurseries

Fresh home-cooked food

Delicious home-cooked meals are prepared on-site every day by our local nursery cooks and chefs. In line with our home-from-home philosophy we believe that the kitchen is an important part of the nursery environment for children. They can learn valuable lessons watching the cook measuring, weighing, preparing and baking and there’s nothing quite like the familiar smell of home-cooked food.

Our cooks will also bake with the children and educate them about different fruits and vegetables, promoting that all-important healthy approach to diet and lifestyle.

Our Menus

Our menus are planned with the help of a certified dietician and using guidelines from the Food Safety Agency and with careful consideration given to salt and sugar content. Milk or dairy foods are offered at two to three meals during the day in accordance with existing guidance on food groups for children aged one to five years and we deliver a minimum of 4-5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

We currently operate a Summer and Winter menu with a varied choice of breakfast, lunch and high-tea on a four-week rotation system. This means that your child will be exposed to a wide repertoire of food types and meals, helping to develop their palette and appreciate a broad range of textures, tastes and smells.

Menus are available for parents to view at all of our nurseries and staff at your local Treetops Nursery will give you a summary of what your child has eaten at the end of each day

Self-serve and independence

We believe that independence is one of the most important lessons a child can learn. This degree of independence increases as children move through the four age-appropriate rooms at Treetops Nurseries. By the time children reach our preschool room, Clever Crocs, they have learnt to serve food to others and for themselves as well as pouring drinking water independently. Aside from good table manners and social adjustment, this approach and portion allocation subtly teaches and reinforces mathematical learnings like division.

Healthy Snacks & Drinks

A range of healthy snacks are available between breakfast and lunch and again between lunch and high tea. Older children have access to ‘snack stations’ throughout the day, again teaching independence and self-selection.

Water and milk are available at all mealtimes and throughout the day in child- accessible places from bottles labelled with names or photos, depending on the child’s age.

Special Dietary Needs

We work in partnership with parents to ensure that the medical, cultural and dietary needs of children are met. We will help children to learn about a range of food, cultural approaches to meal times and eating and to respect the differences among them.

Happy Social Occasions

Mealtimes at Treetops Nurseries are a fun, happy, social occasion where children sit together at dining tables and learn important life-lessons of interaction and listening skills. Our aim is to replicate the home environment, encouraging children to set the table, share and serve food and develop their fine motor skills by using their cutlery.


The staff in our baby rooms are fully-trained and ready to assist parents when it comes to weaning. Until that point babies drink their own formula, pre-made and labelled by parents at home and brought to our nurseries.

We ensure that mealtimes are a happy occasion, actively encouraging conversation and the tasting of new foods. The children sit down at small laid out dining tables with their own cutlery and place names and are served their lunch either by a member of staff who sits with them or for older children, they learn to serve themselves.