Little Monkeys (1-2 years)

To ensure that all of our children receive age and stage appropriate care and development, our nurseries are divided into tailored rooms, each with their very own memorable Treetops character.

When your child joins the Little Monkeys room they will already be walking. Perhaps this is a recently acquired skill or maybe they’ve been mobile for some time. Either way, the focus, resources and activities shift to become slightly more physical, providing the stimulation and challenge your child needs as they begin to really explore the environment around them.

They enjoy free, imaginative play, indoors and out, and delight in group story time and singing sessions.

There’s plenty of practical play too, designed to promote social skills and satisfy inquisitive minds. Think building, baking, crafting, making, sand and water play, plus an ever-changing home-corner to focus on educational topics of interest.

Every day is a new experience in the Little Monkeys room so it’s good to know that amidst all the learning and physical activity, there’s still time for a much-needed nap.

And although our Little Monkeys are beginning to grow in confidence and independence we know they’re still your babies, so our experienced and passionate team are always ready to talk and listen to them at their own level.