Bear Cubs (0-1 years)

To ensure that all of our children receive age and stage appropriate care and development, our nurseries are divided into tailored rooms, each with their very own memorable Treetops character.

Here at Treetops we do everything we can to make the first transition from home to nursery a smooth one. That’s why you’ll find a true home-from-home environment in our baby rooms. Designed to look just like a cosy lounge, our baby rooms are styled with sofas, coffee tables, rugs, and family photos and provide a good balance of quiet cuddle-time and stimulating activities – just as you would at home. These subtle but thoughtful touches create familiar surroundings to relax and settle babies but are also deliberate aids in their independence and development. At home babies often progress to walking by pulling themselves up on coffee tables, using them as a support.

We take babies from the age of 6 weeks and work closely with parents to settle them, accommodating their very own feeding and sleep routines.

Our qualified and caring staff provide a safe and loving environment and are well-trained in the important milestones of this age-group. Key themes will be facilitating movement, supporting parents in the weaning process, with communication and language as well as physical, personal, social and emotional development.